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5 Designer Tricks that Combine Low-Maintenance with High Style

Personally speaking the older I get, the more I realize the luxury of introducing low-maintenance elements in the rooms I design. Let’s face it, no one wants to be a slave to their interior. We all have places to go, things to do and parties to throw. The last thing I want to do is break out grandma’s silver and metal polish minutes before my guests arrive. Today, most of us live very differently than we did even a decade ago (truth be told, I never really liked grandma’s silver anyway). By incorporating a few designer tricks of the trade, your home will be filled with high style, and low maintenance day in and day out.


While mirrored furniture is a great way to add sparkle in a room, let’s not forget reflective surfaces have many finish options. For example, instead of a standard clear mirror table, consider choosing an antiqued or variegated finish. Antiqued mirror offers the luxury of not having to be cleaned daily. It hides dust, fingerprints and surface smudges effortlessly plus, an antiqued finish can add another layer of interest to your space.


Fabric choices were once limited to either beautiful or functional. Rarely did the two combine. Today’s fabrics have advanced by leaps and bounds. Luxurious synthetic fibers are now so stain resistant and practical that they can even be cleaned with a mild solution of diluted bleach. The white sofa that was once considered off limits can now be used in your living room, worry free. Names such as Sunbrella, Nano-tex and Crypton offer exceptional durability and stain resistance, without sacrificing luxury or style.


Stuck on silk? Optional fabric protection applications offered by most furniture and drapery retailers can add value and extend the life and clean-ability of delicate or natural fabrics such as linen, silk and cotton.


The presence of dust, crumbs and scratches are amplified against a dark background. As beautiful as they are, the trend towards dark hardwood floors is a commitment to daily maintenance. Much like black paint on an automobile, cleaning can be never ending.

In contrast, the emergence of lighter wood floor finishes (specifically gray, gold and blonde tones) camouflage much of what is trekked into your home. Cut your floor maintenance time considerably by considering one of these lighter tones underfoot.


Take note of the materials used in important jewelry. Wedding rings combine metals and gemstones for a reason…they are meant to last forever. The same options are available for your home. Floors, countertops, furniture and light fixtures in metal or natural stone are investments that pay for themselves several times over during their lifespan. As an added bonus, they require little care. The patinas that occur naturally on these earthy elements only get better over time.



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