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Get Glowing

Top 3 Tips to Get Glowing this Spring

Spring Skin Care

What are the treatments and products that will give your skin the season’s best glow?

April showers bring May flowers as well as the beginning of spring fashions, updated trends and “must have” beauty products to showcase warm weather fashions and glowing skin.

Every magazine cover offers a myriad of products and services to solve all your skin care dilemmas. For most of us, however, the vast number of product and treatment options results in our feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Hopefully these suggestions will provide you with a solid start!

1. The staples of healthy skin: Protection and prevention are the foundation to lifelong healthy skin. This includes a year round application of a dermatology recommended liquid sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen (UVA/UVB) that is applied after your skin care routine but prior to putting on makeup. It is important to find a sunscreen that feels “cosmetically elegant” on your face. A common misnomer is the perception regarding the SPF in mineral makeup. While having an SPF in your makeup is a bonus, it certainly will not fully protect your skin. Remember to include a wide brim hat and sunglasses during any outside activity as well.
In terms of your daily skin care routine, keep it simple. Your core products should be a cleanser, moisturizer and a sunscreen. Look for products that are medical grade and noncomedogenic (which is just a fancy word for not clogging your pores).

2. The “add-ons” and specialty products: A not so fun fact is that as we age our skin loses moisture, decreases collagen production and exfoliates more slowly. By adding some specialty products and treatments to your skin care regime, you can address these issues.
​Aesthetic peels and microdermabrasion “mechanically” exfoliate your skin which increases the penetration of your skin products, improves tone and texture and addresses sun damage. Add our Clear + Brilliant or Fraxel laser rejuvenation services to your treatment regime. Both will address overall aging issues as well as create a more even tone and texture for your skin.
Consider SkinMedica’s Ceramide Cream as your moisturizer. This product bonds with the hydration levels in your skin and contains a patented growth factor to repair damage. Another solid recommendation is their Vitamin C+E Complex which prevents free radical damage from pollutants in the environment up to eight hours a day.
Another great product to add as your skin ages is a tretinoin or retinol derivative. This product aids in exfoliation, targets sun damage and improves skin texture. Caution: this product can result in dryness and irritation if not applied correctly. Seek the counsel of a dermatologist or skin care professional first.

3. Taking great skin care on the go: Effective sunscreen performance hinges on reapplication over the course of your activities. But most of us find this impractical. We have a great solution and it is fits in your purse or tote.
​Colorescience offers a 30 SPF self-dispensing powder brush and SPF 35 lip shine. The mineral powder works well with sensitive skin, layers well for reapplication and matches to different skin tones with several pigmented color choices. The lip shine is available in four subtle colors and does not feel tacky or sticky.

Happy spring to you and we are always available to help you reach your skin care goals!

Center for Cosmetic Dermatology


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