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Working mom in a Pinterest world. I mean well but I usually fall a bit short in the execution. You'll see.
By Meagan Feeser

An Ode to the Elf on the Shelf

It's the most frustrating time of the year

Get that elf on the she-el-lf

and don’t go to bed without moving him here!

It's the most harrying time of the year


It's the guiltiest season of all

With those Pint-er-est postings

and so many chances to drop the ball!

It's the mom-shamingest season of all


In a Barbie car coasting or

Campfire toasting,

Hey, try powdered sugar for snow!

Ninja Turtle pizza party

Go ahead and get arty

Your kids will just love it, ya know!


It's the worst parenting time of the year

The elf will stay on the shelf

Disappointment in yourself

Is it time for a beer?

Put the elf away ‘til next year


Clearly, the Elf on the Shelf is a holiday tradition I wish I’d never started. Why did I do it? Holden was only six months old; she had no idea what the dumb elf was! I couldn’t even use him to threaten good holiday behavior at that point! But now I’m in too deep. She knows when the Christmas tree goes up, “Elfis” goes up on that dang shelf. And then he pretty much just stays there for a month and a half.


If you don’t know about the Elf on the Shelf, you can educate yourself here. Basically, he’s become a holiday terrorist.


If you search “Elf on the Shelf” on Pinterest, you find literally thousands of creative ideas to show the Elf running amok in your house. Look, I have two toddlers; I don’t need anyone else making a mess around here.


Now that I’m three years in on the Elf business, I’ve determined that these are my favorite Elf positions:


  1. On top of the fireplace mantle

  2. Sitting on the entertainment stand

  3. Sitting on the window sill

  4. Sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets

  5. Hanging from the ceiling fan cord (my most creative!)

  6. Perched in the Christmas Tree

  7. Hanging on the dining room chandelier

  8. Sitting in the bathroom hand towel ring

  9. Straddling the stair bannister

  10. In the same place he was yesterday

Feel free to go ahead and steal that list. Hey, there’s enough to worry about during the holidays.


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Happy Holidays!

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