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Working mom in a Pinterest world. I mean well but I usually fall a bit short in the execution. You'll see.
By Meagan Feeser

March 2015


Tips for clearing out kids’ clutter

One of my favorite things about this time of year is spring cleaning. And by “spring cleaning” I don’t mean actually dusting my baseboards or washing my windows (yeah right), I mean ridding my house of all the crap I’ve been forced to stare at while stuck inside for three months. If you recall, I’m not big on “stuff.” However, despite that fact, my house somehow always looks like a daycare center. A makeshift changing area set up on the toy box; walkers, bouncers, and baby seats everywhere; a play kitchen taking up a third of my living room. So, now that GB is transforming from baby to toddler and I feel like I’m good on infants (for now, anyway), it seems like the time to get rid of some of this stuff. Clothes, car seats, Bumbos,...

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Hi. My name is Meg. I’m mom to my curious little girl, Holden, and my handsome little man, Gatsby (I was an English major). Oh, Bother was created out of my struggle as a working mom in a Pinterest world. I’m a DIYer wannabe and creative design appreciator, but I usually find myself falling a bit short in the execution. You’ll see.

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