Oh, Bother

Working mom in a Pinterest world. I mean well but I usually fall a bit short in the execution. You'll see.
By Meagan Feeser

May 2015


It’s My Kid’s Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

As you’re reading this, I’m in this weird birthday party limbo, having hosted my son’s first birthday party in March and having my daughter’s third birthday coming up in June. Here’s the thing: I hate big parties. There’s always this build-up and planning and stress and, by the time the party gets here, you despise all your guests and just want them to leave. The pressure is even worse when planning parties for your children: you have to juggle planning a kid-appropriate party that’s also beautiful enough to impress the other parents. When I was a kid, if the weather was nice for my summer birthday, we’d spend the day at the pool and I’d get a thrill if my birthday was announced over the loudspeaker. I was usually able...

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Hi. My name is Meg. I’m mom to my curious little girl, Holden, and my handsome little man, Gatsby (I was an English major). Oh, Bother was created out of my struggle as a working mom in a Pinterest world. I’m a DIYer wannabe and creative design appreciator, but I usually find myself falling a bit short in the execution. You’ll see.

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