Oct 13, 201411:04 AMOh, Bother

Working mom in a Pinterest world. I mean well but I usually fall a bit short in the execution. You'll see.
By Meagan Feeser

All Together Now: “Oh, bother.”

Hi. Hey there. I’m Meg. Mom to two-year-old Holden (#weefees), almost-6-month-old Gatsby (#babyfees) and a 10-year-old Westie named Sally. (If we’re being honest, her full name is actually Silly Sally. When I adopted her I tried to fancy her up and say her name is Salinger. That’s the name on her tag, but I really just call her Sal. I like literary names. Oh yeah, and I get easily distracted.)

I started my blog, oh bother, about a year and a half ago when my daughter was entering toddlerhood. I was completely out of my element and people seemed to enjoy hearing about my misadventures as a new mom, so I figured a blog would be a good medium to share that humiliation on a regular basis.

At the time, I was a Pinterest and lifestyle blog masochist (things I no longer have time to be), so I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect twee name (something with “oh” or “sweet” or “dee” or “love”) to fit in with the mommy blog crowd.

I had visions of my blog looking something like this:

This sweet photo is from my friend Lauren at A Lovely Lark, whose blog is beautiful, and helpful and inspirational.


But let’s be real: my life is actually more like this:

So I decided to keep it real. I believe we as parents/homeowners/cooks/humans are placing too high expectations on ourselves to lead a Pinterest-worthy life. It’s exhausting. I realized that “oh, bother” is really Winnie the Pooh’s way of saying “oh [crap],” which has essentially become my mantra. And so the blog got its name. And, hey, I got my “oh” in the title. (Oh, and PS: I’ve been watching a lot of Winnie the Pooh lately and I’ve come to absolutely hate him. What a self-centered, thoughtless, oblivious jerk.)

So oh bother is home to my various Pinterest fails, stories about my precocious daughter that she’s surely going to hate me for sharing later, live tweets from the birth of my children (oh yeah I did) and other general parenting pratfalls.

I hope you’ll join in the fun, or at least the Schadenfreude, as I figure out how to get myself, my toddler and my infant through life relatively unscathed. It’s a great time to hop in… we’re just about to embark on potty training.


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Meagan Feeser

Hi. My name is Meg. I’m mom to my curious little girl, Holden, and my handsome little man, Gatsby (I was an English major). Oh, Bother was created out of my struggle as a working mom in a Pinterest world. I’m a DIYer wannabe and creative design appreciator, but I usually find myself falling a bit short in the execution. You’ll see.

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