How I Became a BB Believer

The One Makeup Tool You Need in Your Bag

If you are anything like me, you enjoy incorporating new things into your beauty routine. I love to try new things and give new products/tools a try, to an extent.

I had heard many things about Beauty Blenders for quite some time, but never understood the fascination with them. It’s pretty much a sponge. How awesome can it be?

So, on I went, applying my foundation with my hands, day after day, until one day I was in my favorite makeup store, and decided to give one a try. Let me tell you –I fell in love. Why did I wait so long to use one? 

Why are Beauty Blenders so great? How do they work? What’s the point of them? Let me give you the basics, and I promise, you will want to add one to your makeup bag. 


So what is a Beauty Blender?

It is essentially a reusable, sponge like applicator that can be used to apply your makeup.


How do I use it?

What’s great about the Beauty Blender is that is can be used for multiple things. When used dry, it can be an eraser to correct any makeup mishaps. Applied to much blush? Buff it out with a dry Beauty Blender. Went a little overboard with your bronzer? Even it out with a dry Beauty Blender. 

When used wet (saturate the blender with water, squeeze out excess water) it can be used to apply your foundation, concealer and cream blush to name a few. It’s important to use a dabbing/stippling motion as opposed to swiping or buffing as you would when using it dry. 

You can typically find Beauty Blenders in various shapes and sizes as well! I love to use the pointed edges to help get into the under eye area, around my nose, and to focus on any blemishes I really want covered well. 


How do I clean my Beauty Blender?

Typically, they should be cleaned after every use. Realistically? Once a week or so. Beauty Blender does have their own cleanser that you can use, but there are household items that can be used to clean them on a regular basis. Baby soap or shampoo is great because it is light and gentle. A combination of dish soap and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is another great combination. Regardless of what you use though, you should make sure to clean the blender until the water is clear. 


Why is a Beauty Blender so great?

When using a Beauty Blender to apply your makeup, you tend to use less, which allows your makeup to last longer (saving you money). It also provides an airbrushed, streak free appearance to your makeup. Overall, it blends better and gives you more coverage (again, with less product). 


Have I sold you on it yet? Give it a try, play around with it, and it won’t be long before you are a Beauty Blender believer!